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There are many types of outdoor equipment that are designed to train muscles improving balance coordination, strength, power, flexibility and agility, that helps in increasing athletic performance

To become a better runner you should follow an exercise routine that can help in strengthing of gluts, hamstrings, quads and calves as all these muscles play a vital role in the movement of your leg. Working out in an open gym can help you reach your goals .

Exercises that will help you to become a better runner

  1. Outdoor Elliptical Cross Trainer

 Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the most important equipment for training your legs as it targets all major muscle groups and improves athletic performance.

A piece of equipment that is found in every indoor gym and now can be seen in an open gym too, Its mimics all the activities of jogging, walking, hill climbing, and most importantly, running! That is important to build endurance and help you run long distances.

By using it just three times a week one can see a significant increase in their cardio capacity.

2. Skipping 

Skipping is a cardiovascular exercise that helps in intense training and burning fat.

It can be done along with other exercises mentioned in this blog as it has numerous benefits though it targets same key muscles as Elliptical cross trainer, it helps the body to adapt different terrain and also enhances the knee lift, as well as improving stride length.

Skipping exercise helps in improving speed, agility, power, endurance, balance, and coordination.

3. Outdoor Stationary Bike (Bicycle)

One of the best training exercises is stationary biking if you are trying to improve your cardio and aerobic ability.

Stationary bike improves your muscular endurance by working on quadriceps, gluteal, hamstrings and calf muscles.

To achieve maximum potential on the bike, keep the resistance low but the speed high.

Surgefit outdoor stationary bike is a lot similar to what you see indoor. By working out in an open gym you can breathe fresh thus improving your lung capacity.

4) Push-ups and Pull-ups (Double Pull Up)

It’s just a misconception that for running you need to just strengthen your legs 

Upper body strength is also important as it helps to master different train and increases your athletic abilities.

Pushups is a traditional and most beneficial exercise that targets the majority of muscle groups present in our body, Thus helps in overall development it also targets core as well as the glutes.

Pull-ups is another safest exercise one can do in an open gym all you need is a pullup bar it strengthens the upper body targeting back and shoulders you can also try leg raises to increase the intensity and strengthen the core

Thus this helps in the stability and balance of the entire body which is very beneficial for runners.

5) Treadmill (sky walker)

Outdoor Fitness Equipment- Air Walker

A treadmill is the most useful piece of equipment any runner should train on.

Treadmill simulates running by using a moving track, Users can manually set the intensity and difficulty level by setting the pace of the track and elevation according to their requirement.

Scientist found that running on a treadmill with 0% incline is a lot similar to running downhill.

 To simulate outdoor running a Minimum of 1% elevation is required the treadmill is another useful activity for cardiovascular health.

Equipment like Air Walker, Stair stepper, Cross walker, elliptical are few outdoor gym equipment that are beneficial for leg exercises and joint movements that are very important for any athlete.


You will be needing proper types of equipment to train your body and become a better runner.

At surgefit, we manufacture and install all kinds of outdoor gym equipment in the parks and open gym near you.

All the equipment mentioned can be found in parks near to you if you don’t find any nearby get in touch with us.

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